In 1938 Isidor Feldman purchased a small tract of land on Buckeye Road in Lancaster, Kentucky. Mr. Feldman had previously been in the wheat thrashing business, but with his keen business mind he recognized the potential for a lumber market in Central Kentucky and settled on Lancaster for his budding business. Charlie Deboard, trained Isidor to saw and log timber on Copper Creek in Rockcastle County and then Isidor returned the favor to Charlie, when he hired his son, Ephraim “Windy” Deboard, on as the first employee of Feldman Lumber Company in 1938.

In the 1950’s Mr. Feldman realized that he could no longer supervise the entire operation and decided to hire Elmer Davis to manage the office and Mr. Feldman continued to manage the sawmill and logging segment of the business. Over the next 20 years Feldman Lumber Company grew to encompass a hardware store and new home construction. Together, Mr. Feldman and Mr. Davis developed several sub-divisions throughout Lancaster. They also began to expand sales as far North as Lexington.

In 1954 Isidor expanded his planner, re-saw and building material capacity. Feldman Lumber was producing and selling over one million board feet of lumber each year. Business was booming! In 1960 we expanded once more and encompassed three sawmills and maintained over three million board foot of inventory on the original site at Buckeye road. We mainly logged in Pulaski, Jackson and Laurel counties, much of which provided materials for the I-64 and I-75 new bridge construction in three states.

In the 1980’s Feldman Lumber phased out the three sawmills and built a very modern sawmill in Lancaster, which is still producing over three million feet per year. Isidor Feldman decided to retire in 1988 and sold the business to his eldest son, David Feldman. David received his lumber grading training at the National Hardwood Lumber Grading School in Memphis, Tennessee in 1963. Today, if he isn’t in the woods he can be found most days back on the green chain, grading lumber and logs.

Although our methods may have changed drastically over the years (Isidor started out logging with oxen, mules and horses and now we use skidders, dozers and trucks) we are still very much a family owned and operated business. We have been blessed with loyal employees over the years and have maintained a productive relationship with our customer base. In 2017, we are celebrating our 79th anniversary, and we sincerely hope we can thrive 79 more years!